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About Us

Markham Auto Repair

Your Dealership Alternative

At Markham Auto Repair, we are passionate not just about cars, but also the people who drive them. We go beyond the typical automotive shop: providing you with the same level of outstanding service and quality you’d expect from a dealership, with a seamless service that promotes trust, fairness and respect. At Markham Auto Repair, we build long-term relationships with our customers to become your dealership alternative.

Since our inception in 1991, Markham Auto Repair has been singularly focused on providing customer service beyond expectation. Every customer that comes into our shop receives the highest level of professional care, from our welcoming customer lounge with free coffee (it’s actually good!), to advice from automotive service experts, to our team of licensed technicians - we want your auto repair experience to be not only satisfactory, but exemplary. And if your car needs to spend a little more time with us, our courtesy shuttle will make sure you get back to where you need to be.  

We are dedicated to getting to know not just your car, but you the car owner as well, so we can help predict, advise and get you what you need when you need it.  Our team is uniquely trained to listen to your car concerns, diagnose them and make the repairs to any make or model car, and get you on your way again.

We know you want an auto repair and maintenance facility staffed with technicians you can trust in the same way you trust your doctor or dentist. This is the relationship we work very hard to create and of which we are very proud. We provide full-service facilities, with an offering of everything from a basic oil change, to complex engine and electrical diagnostics, and transmission repairs as performed by experienced licensed technicians who are continually trained to be kept up-to-date on the latest automotive technology. Our team offers the utmost in technical expertise with a high degree of pride and integrity.


Our dedication separates us from our competitors as we continually strive to deliver an outstanding experience to each one of our thousands of satisfied customers. We look forward to serving you soon and becoming your dealership alternative.

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